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Payer and seller agree on payment via PAYLAX

Your Escrow Service

For a secure payment option

Your next digital camera, smartwatch or dream car - with PAYLAX you can buy and sell worry-free on online marketplaces such as eBay-Kleinanzeigen or used car exchanges like AutoScout24. Even the secure handling of deposits for your next apartment is no problem with PAYLAX.

PAYLAX - protects buyers and sellers against fraud

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This is

how it works

01Step 1

Start escrow payment

The buyer or seller creates a escrow payment with PAYLAX and invites the escrow partner by mail, text message or WhatsApp.

02Step 2

Deposit money

The escrow partner joins the escrow payment and the buyer deposits the agreed amount of money via creditcard, SOFORT (Klarna) or bankwire in the escrow account. PAYLAX informs the seller about the receipt of money, whereupon he can send the goods or provide the service.

03Step 3

Release money

After the buyer has received the goods or checked the service, they release the money via PAYLAX. Both parties will immediately receive a confirmation of the release and the money will be irrevocably forwarded to the seller.

More than just online payments

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Step 1

Send or request money

Use WhatsApp, text messages or email to send your escrow payments. Your escrow partner can join the payment in a snap and pay the bill.

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Worry Free

Pay and sell to persons you don`t know



Settlement via insolvency secured trust accounts at ING and Commerzbank



Securely send and receive payments across national borders



Fees occur only on successful payments

Fee Calculator

Fees occur only on successful payments. Read more

Amount in €
Your fees
1,00 €
Fees of your escrow partner
1,00 €

The fees are inclusive VAT for private accounts and exclusive for business accounts.

(*) Only the creator of the escrow contract is able to take over the fees of the escrow partner.


our customers say about us

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Sarah B.

Plain genius. Fast and, above all, safe handling of purchases via eBay-kleinanzeigen classifieds.

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Whether electronic goods, jewelry, watches, furniture or vehicles - with PAYLAX you can buy and sell safely on marketplaces like,, or

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Whether gardening, craft services or the programming of a website - with PAYLAX you can easily and safely commission services on platforms like or

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Whether for holiday apartments, motorhomes, electrical appliances or other rental items - handle deposits conveniently with PAYLAX on platforms like, or

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