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What happens if the buyer does not release the money?

Don't worry - the buyer will not get the deposited money without your consent.
If you have shipped the goods or provided the service and the buyer does not release the money, you can start the automatic payout period.
If the automatic payout is stopped by the buyer, the money will only be forwarded when the buyer releases the money, accepts a price adjustment or a cancellation of the escrow payment.
If no agreement is reached with the buyer, the money remains safely in the escrow account until a legal decision is made, as PAYLAX does not interfere with the underlying transaction. This protects you as a seller against fraud through non-payment and reduces your advance payment risk.
Our price adjustment function may help you to reach a faster agreement.
The willingness to handle the payment via an escrow service alone underlines the seriousness and integrity of the parties involved.