Buy and sell social media accounts safely

With the PAYLAX escrow service, you can buy and sell social media accounts securely and quickly - whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or other accounts..

  • shape ovalProtection against fraud - buyer releases money only after account transfer o check
  • shape ovalSeller has no advance performance risk - transfer of account only after receipt of money o check
  • shape ovalSettlement via insolvency-secured escrow accounts o check
  • shape ovalCan be used worldwide o check
  • shape ovalReal-Time transactions o check
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Volume of created digital escrow payments in 2020

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This isHow it works

If you have agreed on a price and the method of delivery, then the question of secure payment processing remains. If you want to be on the safe side here, then agree with your business partner on the settlement via the PAYLAX escrow service and create the escrow payment.

01Step 1

Create Escrow Payment

You create an escrow payment at PAYLAX and then invite the buyer or seller by mail, SMS or WhatsApp. Registration at PAYLAX is free of charge.

02Step 2

Deposit Money & Transfer Account

Your business partner joins the escrow payment and the buyer deposits the agreed amount of money on the escrow account by credit card, IMMEDIATELY (Klarna) or bank transfer. PAYLAX informs the seller (account holder) about the receipt of money, whereupon he transfers the account to the buyer.

03Step 3

Release Money

After the account has been transferred to the buyer, he releases the money via PAYLAX. Both parties immediately receive a confirmation of the release and the money is irrevocably forwarded to the seller.

With PAYLAX, Internet and social media accounts can be securely paid for and transferred - even internationally! With our escrow service you can buy and sell Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or other accounts without worries.



Simple and inexpensive payment method

With PAYLAX, you can create a link in a few seconds to request or send money securely and cost-effectively. Escrow protection offers maximum security and is particularly suitable for transactions concluded between two parties via the Internet.

Reduced risk

Existing payment service providers usually do not offer sufficient protection. The risk of fraud increases especially in transactions with unknown persons and in cross-border shipments. PAYLAX's step-by-step processing reduces the risk and allows you to act without worries. The willingness alone to handle the purchase transaction via an escrow service underlines the seriousness and integrity of the parties involved.

Protection for both parties

PAYLAX's aim is to protect both buyer and seller from fraud and to make the payment secure and fair for both parties. The deposited funds are kept safely in an insolvency-proof escrow account until the transaction is concluded. The buyer is given the opportunity to inspect the goods or service before the funds are released. The seller delivers only after receipt of payment and is protected against unexpected chargebacks.

Suitable for goods, services and deposits

There are no limits to the purchase transaction via PAYLAX. In addition to buying and selling goods such as cars, boats, jewellery, watches, furniture, electronic goods, PAYLAX can also be used for services and deposits.

Trusted payment service provider

pay & relax GmbH, operator of the PAYLAX trust service, is a Stuttgart-based company and was founded in 2015. PAYLAX is based on a cooperation between pay & relax GmbH and MANGOPAY SA, an authorised and CSSF (financial supervisory authority) supervised e-money institution in Luxembourg. Client funds are held in insolvency-protected escrow accounts with ING. EUR deposits via Bank Transfer are processed by Commerzbank in Germany, deposits in GBP and USD are processed by Barclays Bank in London and transfers in CHF, AUD and CAD are processed by BNP Paribas in Luxembourg.

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