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Frequently Asked Questions...

Do I have to register to use PAYLAX?

Yes, to use PAYLAX you need to register and create a PAYLAX account. The registration is free and done in less than 30 seconds.

All legal persons with full legal capacity or legally acting representatives of a company can register.

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How is the identification done?

When identifying, we need a copy or a photo of your identity card (front and back) or your passport.

If you identify with your smartphone, you can take a photo of your ID or passport directly from the smartphone camera.

If you do not have ID data at hand, you can skip the identification step and upload your ID card later in your PAYLAX account.

We recommend to do the identification by smartphone and to photograph the ID directly with the camera.

Business Customers

Business Customers must send additional documents. Which documents we need depends on the legal form of your company.

  • Freelancers and soletraders: Business license or registration proof (max. 3 months old)
  • NGOs: Registration proof (max. 3 months old) and articles of association
  • Capital- and Private Companies: Registration proof (max. 3 months old), articles of association and information on the beneficial owners.

The documents can be processed if provided in the following languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch.

Why does PAYLAX need my ID data?

On one hand we want to guarantee you and all other users the highest level of security. This assumes that we know and have verified the persons and companies that use PAYLAX for payment processing.

On the other hand, we are obliged to comply with all relevant laws and regulations under EC Directive 2005/60 / EC on money laundering.

Only when your identity has been successfully verified, you will be able to transfer money from your PAYLAX-Wallet to your bank account.