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What is PAYLAX?

Safe and secure (online) buying and selling, cashless payments on the go, easy deposits, subsequent price adjustments and full control over the cash flow! All this - and much more - PAYLAX!

PAYLAX is a digital escrow service that handles your cash payments through a transparent step-by-step process. The money does not flow directly into the account of the beneficiary (seller, service provider or landlord), but into a escrow account with our banking partner. After a successful payment PAYLAX informs the participants about the receipt of money. The beneficiary can then provide its services, such as the shipment of the goods. If the buyer has received the shipment and checked, he releases the money via PAYLAX. The clearance confirmation and the associated irrevocable forwarding of the money to the seller take place in real time. This also enables personal secure and cashless settlements on site. The escrow principle ensures a secure and worry-free payment and protects the parties against fraud.

PAYLAX stands for highest security and transparency in online-based payment transactions.