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What added value does PAYLAX offer me?

Our mission is to protect you and your trust partner from fraud and to settle the payment securely and fairly for both sides.

Added value for buyers:

The trust-based payment process takes place step by step, thereby preventing you from being left with no money or goods at the end of the day or paying for something that you did not order or commission. With PAYLAX you can be sure that your contract partner endeavors to carry out the basic business quickly and to your satisfaction.

For on-site transactions you do not have to make a detour to your bank to withdraw cash and transport it from A to B - you just pay on delivery quickly and easily with one click.

Added value for sellers

You do not have to take any financial wholesale risk. The buyer or customer pays the agreed price (also partial or partial payments possible) before you send the goods or start the service. Once the money has been entered into the escrow account, the buyer/client won't receive the money without your consent.

PAYLAX increases your respectability and gives the buyer the confidence they need for a quick purchase.