Offer escrow payments on your platform in less than 5 minutes

Increase the feeling of security on your marketplace with PAYLAX and increase the number of referrals by up to 20%. The PAYLAX escrow generator is integrated into your platform in less than 5 minutes and you can even earn money on the transactions if required. Simply request an embed code, insert it on your website & get started!

In just a few steps to your ownPAYLAX Escrow Generator

  1. You request a personalized code snippet from us
  2. You insert the code snippet at the points on your website where you want your customers to be able to pay securely through our escrow service. For example, you can use the detailed view of an advertisement or the search results list.
  3. When your customer clicks on the button, a modal opens and he can create a escrow payment - without your customer leaving your site!
  4. You can pass additional parameters such as a title, whether it is a purchase or sale, or the amount of payment with it to us. On request we personalize the generator in your Look & Feel.

Creating added value andReceive commission!

Protect your customers from fraud and differentiate yourself from the competition!

For every successfully completed escrow payment initiated via your platform, you will receive a commission on request. Thus not only your customers profit from a safe and simple payment handling, but you generate without expenditure a further source of income.

Are you looking for a solution that automatically and legally pays your (platform) fees or commissions? Then have a look at our other products!

Your advantages with PAYLAX


Secure payment processing up to € 25 million

Confidence among marketplace participants is increased


Secure buying and selling across national borders


The escrow principle obliges fair trade and excludes fraud


The settlement takes place via insolvency-protected escrow accounts


Competitive advantage through secure payment system

This is

How it works

01Step 1

Create escrow payment

The buyer or seller creates a escrow payment with PAYLAX and invites the business partner by mail, text message or WhatsApp. The registration at PAYLAX is free.

02Step 2

Deposit money

The business partner joins the escrow payment and the buyer deposits the agreed amount of money via creditcard, SOFORT (Klarna) or bankwire in the escrow account. PAYLAX informs the seller about the receipt of money, whereupon he sends the goods or provides the service.

03Step 3

Release money

After the buyer has received the goods or checked the service, they release the money via PAYLAX. Both parties will immediately receive a confirmation of the release and the money will be irrevocably forwarded to the seller.